View Full Version : FF Type-0 Steam Issues that need Addressing

23rd Aug 2015, 23:46
-When using a DS4 controller on the Steam version, the game blocks use of its trackpad with the mouse cursor but it resumes working when the game is off.

-Mouse cursor stays in middle of screen when in fullscreen mode and the user has to move it out of the way.

-Needs custom controller configuration not just presets.

-No quit option in the game menu.

-CGI scene audio desyncs

-Characters can't walk with the slight press of the analog stick. It's always set to run.

-No auto controller/keyboard prompt switch. It's just manual.

-No controller rumble.

25th Aug 2015, 22:52
The main issue for me is that the game runs in Borderless Windowed Mode when you select Fullscreen so you can't change Vsync options.

I like using Nvidia's Half Refresh Rate Vsync option for 30fps games so that they feel nice and smooth, but because I can't enable this I get image judder :(

I also think if they gave us this option it would fix people's Audio-Sync issues as they could turn V-Sync OFF.