View Full Version : Leaving vs Client Crash

23rd Aug 2015, 21:48
Hello! My name is Ihavederpes, and I've been playing since beta. I've never really felt strongly enough to post on these forums (all though we clearly know X vampire/human is stupid and or broken right?), but this new leaver penalty has been a real pain in the ****. I understand it's meant to discourage leavers, but it does not seem to distinguish between my client or computer crashing, and leaving on purpose. I think it would be nice to have maybe, a 2 minute grace period to allow for rejoining. I've been booted out due to client crash for the umpteenth time due to random events, and within a minute of logging back in I was unable to rejoin my friends. Again, love the game, not trying to gripe about what I think is or isn't fair balanced etc etc, would just like a little bit of leeway. If I'm missing on a way to figure out how to rejoin correctly please let me know, thanks guys!

26th Aug 2015, 19:41
Ya i hate crashing and then someone takes my spot in game thats the dumbest thing that this game has to offer.

26th Aug 2015, 20:21
The grace period should also be extended for each member of your party. Lets say a minute.
So after crashing, you get a minute to rejoin. If you were a party of 3, meaning 2 teammates are still in said game, you will have an extra 2 minutes to get back.
This obviously would require the rejoin system to recognize your parties, which it currently doesn't.

26th Aug 2015, 21:10
Crashing can be a complete buzzkill to the game. I know I have been pumped to play and ready to go and had a couple crashes just ruin my whole mood.

It's really frustrating to be crash and come back in with the rejoin button only to read the team is already full.