View Full Version : Xbox One - Shutterbug - Achievement Glitched - Not Unlocking -Please Help

23rd Aug 2015, 16:10
I am having issues with the achievement 'Shutterbug' on Xbox One. In my first online playthrough I took all 10 optional photo's and got the achievement for each photo but the 'Shutterbug' achievement did not unlock. I contacted Xbox support where they had me reset my xbox, delete and recover my profile, and recover my game save. This produced no change. I deleted all of Life is Strange and my entire saved game, redownloded each episode, played them all again taking all optional photos in every episode a second time on a completely new save file. Once again the achievement did not unlock. I have contacted xbox support who advised me to contact the developer.

I was online the entirety of both full playthroughs and xbox was not reporting any service issues with xbox live. I have unlocked all available achievements in life is strange to date, with tge exception of shutterbug, which will not unlock.

I went as far as to create a second Xbox live profile and play the entire game again on a new profile and the achievement will not unlock on that profile as well....