View Full Version : Matchmaking time?

23rd Aug 2015, 15:09
I am new player here and i have a question.

What is a average time in matchmaking for recruits, team deatmatch and leagues?

And is this game still popular?

Cause yesterday i find match in 10 seconds.
But today i didnt play yet....cause cant find a match. Still looking for best match but never find it...
Where is a problem? No people? or some technical?
Thx for answers.

24th Aug 2015, 14:15
Sometimes it's technical (atleast for my experience). I often encounter issues when I have left Nosgoth open for too long and tabbed out to do other stuff and my internet might or might not have disconnected during this time. After I come back to play Nosgoth, I am unable to find any matches for some reason. This is fixed for me by just rebooting the game and I find matches again in no time.

It also depends on what kind of servers you are playing on, time(zones) (+ peak times), and the amount of people who are currently looking for a match (obviously). As an european, I have no hard time finding a match to play as I usually find a match within 15 seconds at the times I play, but this might be considering that Europe has a larger playerbase compared to other regions or something. You could always try to play on servers of other regions, but you will have a higher ping then.