View Full Version : ABILITIES should so many abilities counter the bola?

18th Aug 2014, 14:07
The hunter's bola ability, which is seemingly one of the best ccs in the game, is easily ignored by half the vampire classes. I'm ok withone or two abilities breaking it, but shoukd a reaver really be able to use his mist form ability while under its effect? I feel the purpose of a bola is to trap and prevent someone from escaping, but the tyrant and reaver just press f and walk away without really any negative.

18th Aug 2014, 14:16
I wouldn't say without any negative. They did have to pop their precious escape ability, which will put the Vampires a man down in the team fight, and if/when they decide to return to the battle that ability will probably be on cooldown still.

Hitting a vamp with a Bola puts them out of the fight for a few seconds, so they would love to just turn the corner and wait for it to break off then come back to the fight (or just not get attacked at all and stay in the battle). When they are forced to use their escape ability, have you just won twice! Once for putting them out of the fight with Bola, and a second time for making them waste that ability.

I believe the only abilities that can break Bola are Reaver's Evasion, Tyrant's Ignore Pain, and Sentinel's Take Off. They all have weaknesses, the latter two more so, and I really don't see it being a problem.

I'm surprised this is being brought up, most people complain that it is the Bola that is OP (even with these abilities that break out of it).

18th Aug 2014, 14:43
Bola should be used to stop the vampire from attacking. That's all. If they're able to break the bola and not attack, there's nothing wrong with that at all. Escape abilities for vampires should have priority, in my opinion. The smart way to play is to bola them AFTER they use their escape.

18th Aug 2014, 16:02
The bola, as it stands, prevents the vampire from using their melee or some of the attack abilities, forcing them to retreat quickly. That's how it actually physically looks. Where as if the hunter throws a net over them, THEN i would understand the vampire not being able to really do much. Which I kinda want to see a net ability for the hunter now...

18th Aug 2014, 16:08
The bola has other uses besides that, hitting a diving sentinel for example, not a lot of sentinels run take off, so if you bola them out of the sky your team can usually finish them off 100% of the time. It can also be used to hit a climbing vampire so they drop down to the ground. I prefer to save my bola with tyrants, rely on my team to do enough damage to force them to pop ignore pain and retreat, when they try to climb away I bola them, wait out the ignore pain, and finish them off.

Bola needs some counters, originally the bola didn't even have a damage cap, you were totally locked down. It made running Haste or Berserk pointless and attacking without your escape move up incredibly risky. Between the damage cap and the ability to break it I think bola is actually in a pretty good spot, but it can still feel very OP against hunters that are really good at nailing sentinels in the air or climbing vampires.

18th Aug 2014, 16:11
Evasion and Ignore Pain may break the bola, but vampires can't cancel those skills early so you've still taken them out of the fight. This is fine because you normally don't want to attack the bola'd vampire anyway, better to keep one vampire locked down for 3.3 seconds while focus firing on a vampire threatening your teammate than to break the bola early by attacking the vampire until they take 325 damage.

18th Aug 2014, 16:18
Oh THANK-YOU, Sorrowgate!

Here's a question, an ignore pain tyrant is running away on about 10% HP, but your alchemist friend has just been pounced by a full health reaver. Who do you attack?

The answer should ALWAYS be the reaver. Targetting is one of the key things that I see a lot of both vampire and human teams miss. First focus is whoever's attacking your teammates. Second focus is whoever's on low health. Third focus is a CC'd vampire. Finally, focus an escaping vampire.

The bola works wonders already.