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18th Aug 2014, 03:59
Nosgoth is all about humans being able to hold up in areas and hold off vampires and vampires are all about piercing these defenses and leaving them bleeding on the ground. But we need more options for customizing our classes. Skins aren't as big of a deal, but lots of varied abilities will allow new and diverse tactics in teamplay.


Hunter -

Silver Mesh: launch a metal net of silver at target vampire(s). It can capture a maximum of 2 vampires. They are stunned for 2 seconds then they break out.

Silver Stake: launch a silver stake impaling a vampire and have a 40% chance to pin vampires to a wall for 1.5 seconds.

Alchemist -

Metal Tacks: toss a cluster of metal tacks which scatter over a 1 meter radius, damaging and slowing any vampires that walk over it.

Flame Canister: throw a partially used flame canister which explodes in a 1.5 meter radius, continually damaging any vampires who walk through it for 3 seconds. Vampires who are hit by the initial explosion take an additional amount of fire damage.

Scout -

Trip Wire: Any vampire who walks or flies through the wire get instantly grounded, slowed for 2 seconds.

Knockback Kick: You kick the vampire in front of you, stunning them for 1.5 seconds and you leap backwards 1.5 meters.

Prophet -

Chanting: for a duration of 6 seconds, gather up the spiritual energy around you and channel it to increase the damage against vampires and decrease the damage fellow humans take around you. If you are hit, the Chanting stops.

Embrace the Pain: during the duration of 6 seconds, your reload speed and firing speed increases by +5% for each 20% of health lost from full health.


Reaver -

Backflip Slash: claw the human in front of you and backflip away from the human 2 meters.

Cluster Bomb: toss a toxic bomb which splits into 4 child bombs. Each child bomb does less 75% less damage than the initial bomb.

Tyrant -

Stone Throw: you pull a piece of rock out of the ground/building and hurl it at a human. The human takes damage if hit directly or from 'splash', while they get stunned for 1 second if hit directly.

Warcry: yell at humans in a cone in front of you, slowing humans for 2 seconds and you take 25% less damage for 4 seconds.

Sentinel -

Takeoff: launch yourself forward and up, knocking down any humans in the way for 1.5 seconds and gaining flight ability after 3 seconds.

Screech: yell a ear-bleeding scream which stuns humans within a specified cone in front of you for 1.5 seconds and give them blurry vision for 4 seconds.

Deceiver -

Throw Voice: trick a human into thinking you are making an attack from a specified marked area on the ground a maximum of 5 meters away from you.

Vicious Trail: slice down brutally on a human. For 10 seconds, a blood trail will follow the human wherever they run. The human takes bleed damage for 3 seconds.


Feel free to critique, add your own equipment ideas, and modify my ideas. The more equipment ideas for Nosgoth we can come up with the more customization we can get for this game!!