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21st Aug 2015, 19:10
Hey everyone,

It's with great pleasure that we're releasing this long awaited update for Hitman: Sniper!

The transition caused some people to lose their progress. If you were logged in to Facebook, your cloud save will always be there for you to download. For all the others, we're going to giveaway rifles and money, so we can make up for the set back. We're terribly sorry if you were affected by this.

Without further adue, here's the blog post I posted on the Square Enix Montreal blog:


Hitman: Sniper update is out!
And it’s on sale for the first time!

Since the release of Sniper, we have been surprised everyday by the scores you were able to achieve and the crazy situations you created to maximize your high score. We decided that now would be a great time to drop the price for a limited time to $2.99!

When we were thinking of the list of new features to add to Hitman: Sniper for the update, a few things came to mind, but we felt like players needed a way to share their best runs or fun, wacky moments they created in the sandbox. This is why we’re happy to introduce Everyplay, a mobile game replay platform where you’ll be able to share your replays of Hitman: Sniper and see tons of other videos from the community, including the ones from your leaderboard competitors!

Another big feature we’re introducing in this first update is the addition of the Head of Security! Prepare to adjust your high score strategy accordingly: his role is to patrol the mansion, calling for reinforcements as he progressively notices that some of his guards have “somehow” disappeared. His inclusion forces you to dispose of bodies even more carefully as he might stumble into them and trigger the alarm. However, if you let him call in reinforcements, he is basically offering more targets for you to perfect your score.

We’ve also added characters like the bartender that is yet another pair of eyes in the scene to watch out for! Moreover, we’ve fixed a ton of bugs as well as improved performance on all devices - for all the details the complete patch note is below.

Make sure to download the update for free now!

Patch note: Version 1.3.1

Everyplay Integration (excl. iPad2, iPadMini1, iPhone4S, iPod Touch5thGen)
Head of Security character added
Bartender character added
Behavior of various characters have been improved
Assassin Tier expanded to the 1000 best players
The Cipher’s multiplier now starts at 310%
The Jackal’s Iron Lungs ability was replaced with Explosive Rounds
New IAP added: The Aria-Gold
Removed Facebook tip during loading screen if you have connected your account
Updated the Facebook share functionality
Anti-cheat feature to remove non-legit scores from the leaderboards
Metal integration
64 bit version will improve performance on all devices
Inverted mode option added (settings)
Satellite dish is easier to shoot (better collision detection)
Music/podcasts will not stop when launching the game
Sound settings have been simplified to Music and Sound Effects
Added Chinese localization
Bug fix: Loading screen is stuck at 140/140
Bug Fix: “Connecting…” pop-up will stop if internet connection isn’t strong enough
Bug Fix: Rifle (mostly Erebus) is not unlocking even though all parts have been collected
Bug Fix: No explosion from explosive bullets on the pool table
Bug Fix: Killing Baltasar Cabasso won’t change Omid Maklouf’s behavior

22nd Aug 2015, 01:24
Hi Nicolas, sounds good for the 1st update mate but I have one problem.....I've noticed a LOT of people reporting that they're losing ALL their data after taking the update thus having to start all over again.....I don't fancy that, so I'm holding off on getting the update for now until I hear some sort of confirmation that the file has been checked and cleaned so I won't lose my data and I was hoping you wouldn't mind following-up on this for me, if you don't mind !?

People were reporting in the Google Play Store that this was happening to them yesterday, so unfortunately it seems like it's still a problem on Android !!

Many Thanks in Advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon as we've all been waiting for this to come out !?

Much appreciated if you can !! :cool:

23rd Aug 2015, 04:33
I'm running Android as well and I'll be holding off on the update also until this issue is addressed & corrected.

Good Luck and Keep Us ALL Posted. MNY THX!

24th Aug 2015, 16:52
Who do we contact if we lost data? Mine was not as bad as some: I lost only one fully upgraded rifle.

24th Aug 2015, 19:31
Hey everyone,

Again, don't worry about downloading 1.3.1. You won't lose anything. If you have lost progress, send us an email through the in-game feeback button. We will verify your info and send you compensations this week.


25th Aug 2015, 00:18
Hey everyone,

Again, don't worry about downloading 1.3.1. You won't lose anything. If you have lost progress, send us an email through the in-game feeback button. We will verify your info and send you compensations this week.


Excellent.....I'll hold you to that Nicolas !! haha ;)

Just messing mate, thought you might have left us as I hadn't seen you on here for a while, thought I was going to have to become the un-official Mod, glad you're still with us though !!

Anyway, Thanks for the Confirmation, I'm looking forward to playing the new update but I just have one question.....Why did they decide to make the new rifle an in-app-purchase only, instead of allowing us to earn it like most of the others ??

25th Aug 2015, 04:47
Well I took the update and everything was alright except I had to upgrade my Adagio Rifle again, all the others were still fully upgraded though.....Weird !?!?

I really wish there were some new missions added or at least the option to change the Target instead of it being Markus Krug all the time, hopefully these can be added in the next update !?

Don't know if this is meant to be but.....I can't Target the new Barman !?

The only thing I REALLY don't like is the choice they made to make the new Golden Rifle an in-app-purchase only, for one it's only a Gold version of the Aria with a couple of different attributes, so it's nothing special or new and they're asking £19 for it !!!!!!!!!??????? For one rifle !?!?!?!? The Adagio is better in my opinion, so on that note I won't be getting this rifle.....They should of made it available for us to earn/win or buy with our built-up in-game cash instead, this would have been better in my opinion because £19 is WELL over priced, I doubt many people will buy it at that price.....Crazy !!

I think they should of gave those of us that have completed all the missions, something new to play and spend our in-game cash on because we're racking up money but have nothing to spend it on, could have made new missions that we have to buy with in-game cash to unlock or added some bonus missions or a different game mode like a shooting range with various targets etc. or even added different skins for our rifles that we could buy with in-game cash !?!?

Over-all, I think the update is ok, loving the upgraded graphics option, runs perfect on my phone and looks awesome, game-play is smoother and as far as I can see there's less glitches etc. and the leader boards have been cleaned up as well.....So Thanks for all of that !!

Well, that's my 2cents about the latest update !!

Thanks for everything but I look forward with hope that the next update will bring us some new content and features to play soon !?

!! Keep up the Great Work !! :cool:

25th Aug 2015, 16:30
Added Chinese localization

I don't find Chinese language in language option .
Or I missed something ?