View Full Version : Parallels and similarities. *Spoilers*

21st Aug 2015, 17:09
Has anyone else watched "The Lovely Bones"? I know the book is better, but certain visuals in the film draw more parallels with "Life is Strange"

1) Max is a photographer - Susie is a photographer
2) Snow Globes are signifigant through both. Generally connected to someone who died.
3) There is a disappearance and murder in both.
4) Mr. Harvey's underground hiding place draws certain parallels to the Dark Room. (especially rustling the leaves on the ground until the secret door is found.)
5) The Sinkhole where most of the mysteries occur in the film is near a Barn, the Prescott Barn is where most of the mysteries in Arcadia Bay are hidden.

6) There's a brief moment Susie looks at the wall of Mr. Harvey's hideout and she sees a sketch of a lighthouse. We all know the importance of the lighthouse in "Life is Strange"