View Full Version : Enchantment/Salvage for Occult Weapons won in Ranked.

21st Aug 2015, 02:40
So.... is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Occult weapons should be enchantable? Or salvegable at the VERY least? I'd really like to have a good weapon that looks cool, but I'd rather salvage the thing if visual fx are the only thing special about it. Seeing as how I have duplicate occult items and the only other option is to delete, it would be nice to at least get something out of the weapons that I won through ranked... Is anyone with me on this?

21st Aug 2015, 07:55
Yeah, fully agreed. It would be awesome, if there will be a chance to Enchant not only occult, but any unique weapon! Hope they'll make this happen.

21st Aug 2015, 21:53
Agreed, forgot unique had vis fx as well. Essentially, Occult items are worse than any uncanny item at the time being. I would think that they should be of that quality at least.

22nd Aug 2015, 00:59
Not unless there will be a permanent charge for runestones option...id pay 1000 runes to keep something charged for good.

22nd Aug 2015, 15:40
I believe this will eventually be an option. I asked about being able to enchant the event weapons [magma, ghost, etc] when the forge came out. It's only not an option YET because they are still working on the forge. It's not a finished product and they still have more plans for it. The option to enchant these weapons will be a thing eventually, just no time frame on when. As well as the option to change the visual fx on MI weapons will eventually be a thing.

25th Aug 2015, 00:00
I wanna enchant my founders repeater