View Full Version : Lost saved data after latest update and now game missing from App Store

20th Aug 2015, 17:09
Update hit man sniper this morning version 1.3 and when I went to play it it had restarted and now I've lost all my progress in the game and Id clocked up quite a few hours, I want to check the App Store and see if any one else a had this problem with the update, but hitman: sniper is no longer on the apple App Store ???
Please help its like hitman absoliton all over again

20th Aug 2015, 23:36
Same problem

21st Aug 2015, 04:25
Sorry to hear your problem guys and wish there was something I could do for you but unfortunately this is one for the Devs and Mods, NicolasVerge is our regular Forum Mod here so hopefully he'll log-on soon and help you !!

The game hasn't been removed from the App Store though, here's a link to it.....


!! I hope you manage to get things sorted !!

EDIT: We've all been waiting for this update for a while now, I'm an Android player and the update's not available for us just yet but I hope it isn't corrupt as I don't want to lose all my data and have to start all over again, hopefully this is an isolated thing that can be rectified and restored for them instead of spreading, as I won't take the update until I have confirmation that they've re-checked the code to make sure that it won't do this to everyone !!

@ NicolasVerge.....Can you look into this for us and let us know asap please mate, it will be much appreciated !!

!! Thanks in Advance !!

21st Aug 2015, 06:16
It definitely wasn't on the App Store when I checked and your right fataldragon69 it's there now ? But now under version 1.3.1
Funny that, if you look at the app history It had both version 1.3 and 1.3.1 being uploaded the same day both the 20 aug 2015,
What that's all about ? I think thay must of uploaded I messed up version of the game, I don't under they didn't repost a update

21st Aug 2015, 19:16
Hey guys,

When we rolled out patch 1.3.0 we realized people we're losing progress so we decided to act quick and pull the game from the AppStore to stop this from happening to more people. We worked on a quick fix yesterday and now everything should be allright.

People how did lose their progress but were using Facebook could get their cloud save back and get back to where they were. For the others, we'll be giving away rifles and money to help them get back to where they were.

Again, we're terribly sorry that this happened.

21st Aug 2015, 19:41
Thank you for update, Nicholas it's frustrating but these thing happen and at lest you spotted this and acted fast stop this happen to lost more people, this is true a great game. How we we get our rifles ?

23rd Aug 2015, 01:28
Nicolas - how can you make this right for me as well? Could you PM me?

23rd Aug 2015, 04:38
Is the (latest) Android update properly working yet WITHOUT losing data and starting over?

The rifles and money are great I'm sure, BUT, I'd rather keep what I have already earned (if possible)...


24th Aug 2015, 19:33
Android's update is working fine Airborne6176.

To the others, use the feedback button in-game to send us an email detailing your progress loss. We will compensate that lost time with in-game items.