View Full Version : Warlord pack booster problem

17th Aug 2014, 17:24
Hi! i got the warlord founder pack when the game was on sale, but given then problems and that was stated that boosters would be reseted after the server fix i didnt check but today that i was going to back to it, and noticed this:

I got on my booster list 4 all epic boosters. I thinked ok its each 1 week, since the warlord pack is supost to give a 30 days booster. But when i activated one it was a 3 day only booster. By my mats 4 x 3 day boosters=12 days not 30 days.

So what is going on? Is this a bug? Or am i missing something?

Can anyone clarify this?

Thank you

18th Aug 2014, 12:09
That sounds very odd, best you check with the customer support:

18th Aug 2014, 15:23
I told what was happening on that link you give me. Did contact us.

Strange is that I get any reply from the site or a email saying the question was send.

18th Aug 2014, 15:36
Tbh I always use the chat support, so i cant say much about the email.

Did you check spam, cause i would expect an auto mail too.

Maybe go with the chat too as its easier to clear things up.