View Full Version : leavers cause hate among players

20th Aug 2015, 08:59
so yesterday I was playing in the leagues matches and one of our players left so we asked the other team that one of them is kind enough to sit so it becomes 3v3 , they were not , so we had to either give up or fight so we fought and we won the humans rounds , so in the vampires round we took the smart choice and picked decievers and echo senti to avoid combat , eventually we won , but man were they pissed , each team started to unload their hate on the other team

after that match and for 2 matches in a row out team is 3v4ing the other team, they wont sit and we get undeserved losses, then the table turns and we are 4v3ing the other team , normally i would have offered to sit but after losing twice against teams that wont sit , i didn't sit either (actually thinking about it now i should have sat and done the right thing but i was so frustrated then), so the other team didn't stand a chance so the other team came kept coming to the arena (in crucible) to suicide and get it over and done with but one of them wont suicide coz he is too pissed calling jerks , as you can expect , alot of hate in the chat again

the next match I and him are inthe same team, then like a 4 year old he decides to die on purpose or hide in a corner just coz he was pissed of me in the past match, even if it meant screwing our other teammates who had nothing to do with it, we try to explain that every body get undeserved loses and 3v4 matches but what he was doing wasn't a solution but he wont listen, so a cursing fight starts in the chat

see this circle of hate, all caused by leavers , seriously, i haven't seen this much hate since the last time i played cod, you gotta fix this, its ruining the community
if player still crash then you gotta fix these problems so we can apply higher penalties for repeatedly leaving matches and eventualy get rid of leavers

21st Aug 2015, 19:52
Worst part about this currently is I would say 50% of all leavers just got dropped from the game and weren't allowed back in.

Also I'll admit I never sit anymore, I see it like this. If I sat out every time there was a leaver I would sit more than I would play Nosgoth. I come on to play and that's what I want to do.
Secondly, I figure it's better to finish the match as fast as possible, it doesn't matter if my team was down or not, I prefer the match to be over to have a nice clean new 4v4.
Lastly, If my team is the team down a man, I take it as a personal challenge to play better and really challenge myself to perform when the odds are stacked against me.

It's just little things, but you are 100% correct leavers do make people salty and it can become a vicious cycle.