View Full Version : episode 4 shutterbug achievement won't unlock (Xbox one)

20th Aug 2015, 07:40
in episode 4, i unlocked optional photos #5, #7 and #10 but shutterbug didn't unlock. i did this on August 17th, after an update that showed up a couple days before that, not sure if that caused it to not unlock or not. i replayed the whole episode and collectable mode to see if that would help, no luck in unlocking it so far. hope to get some help, thanks! :D

20th Aug 2015, 13:06
Hi Darth_sidiot

Thanks for providing info on this issue. Did you notice anything odd when taking any of these photos?

25th Aug 2015, 16:15
hi sorry for not responding back asap! did i notice anything unusual when taking the photos, not that i can recall. I'm pretty sure the save icon appeared like normal, the only thing that didn't happen was the final achievement not unlocking

26th Aug 2015, 09:27

I've got some questions that will help us try to reproduce this:

- What choices have you made (Episodes 1 through to 4).
- Do you own a season pass, or did you buy individual episodes?
- What region are you in? (Europe, US etc)
- Are all the other achievements unlocked - if no, which ones are to be unlocked still?
- Did you play the episodes in order (this may seem like a weird question)

Many thanks

1st Sep 2015, 13:55
it'd be too lengthy to type every decision, but as for the other info, i bought the first episode alone, then the season pass, 2-5, played them in order, and got every achievement in all previous episodes, and shutter bug in episode 4 is the only achievement thats missing

1st Sep 2015, 13:56
oh i forgot, the region I'm playing from is united states, and yes i played the episodes in order, the day they were released

2nd Sep 2015, 09:45
Thanks for the extra info - I will pass this on to our QA team

30th Sep 2015, 17:10
Shutterbug achievement not unlocking. I have all other achievements, was online the whole time. Xbox one, U.S. why does this keep happening with your games?!

19th Aug 2016, 16:58
After trying to unlock the shutterbug achievement on a different xbox one, then formatting my xbox one the achievement finally showed as unlocked.