View Full Version : Summoner The Balance of Stalkers

19th Aug 2015, 18:35
Alright I'd like to talk about my home girl (who patiently awaits gender customization), the summoner's minion abilities. I don't know if this is a bug or something already in the progress of fixing but if you die your minions disappear. Now normally this would be OK, HOWEVER it is not balanced. Let's take a look at abilities like the stalker ability that persist over time, but DO NOT disappear after death.
- Bola (Normal/Poison)
- Blinding Shot
- Sunlight Vial
- Fire Wall/ Thrower
- Poison Cloud
- Volley
- Turret
- Rousing Cry
- Shadow Bomb
- Choking Haze
- Infect
- Illusions
- Abyssal Bolt

If this list seems long that's because it is almost every other over time ability. Now the main point I can see for the stalker disappearance is them following you. However this is no excuse because any person can press the shift key and outrun them for there duration easy enough. They also do not do the same impacting damage as abilities such as Flame Thrower and Poison Cloud. The stalkers are meant to overwhelm. So if the Summoner does die chances are they won't secure many kills, but they may be the difference between some like all these other abilities are. So I ask you, developers, where is the balance?

22nd Aug 2015, 08:25
...Gender customization...? o_O

The stalkers do seem a little bit weak to me, too, but I know if I were on the humans' side, if they started being powerful enough to be a big threat, I'd probably be raging when I played humans. If they're played right, they can be a considerable threat as it is. I've been taken out by them a few times. (Though it's always arguably because I didn't realize they were chasing me and cutting my kneecaps out from under me while I was focusing on the battle in front of me.)