View Full Version : Max is Dead? (Pseudo Theory) *Spoilers*

19th Aug 2015, 15:30
Disclaimer: I dont actually follow this theory, but after WAY too many redbulls and watching "The Lovely Bones" I found it rather amusing.

Theory: Max is actually dead. She was killed in the dark room and creates and alternate reality with "Rachel Amber" as the victim in her mind from denial of it actually being her that was killed.

Chloe is able to join Max investigating her own murder because she was killed by Nathan. Chloe vanishes from Max's reality "dying" once the mystery of who killed Max is solved, and being the last person Mr. Jefferson killed, It's up to Max to finally bring him to Justice.

23rd Aug 2015, 00:58
I understood none of that. Fortunately it sounds a bit too complex to be the truth.

23rd Aug 2015, 09:39
Im abit confused too but I think i get the gist of it. Interesting.

23rd Aug 2015, 12:34
Like I said, I just found it fun to muse about. I highly doubt any of it's accurate.