View Full Version : Graphical Issues

17th Aug 2014, 00:03
For ANY players with lower end computers, even the low graphic settings may be a bit too much. I would suggest adding something even lower than low. Maybe, because you have low, medium, high, and HIGHER, you could add a lower for the lower end computers. Thanks! :cool:

17th Aug 2014, 00:08
My PC runs the game fine except when certain alchemist and reaver particle effects occur. Anything that involves fire or smoke drops my frame rate to 5 fps at max. there doesn't appear to be a fix for this and I'd personally like more options in that regard.

17th Aug 2014, 07:21
Have to agree. Some more fps would be nice for players with older computers. At low setting there are still lots of lights and shadow effects that can't be disabled yet but would surely improve performance. Also more seperated settings for character and world detail would be nice or settings for the sky/effects.