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18th Aug 2015, 05:41
Oh boy, where shoud I start.

I bought the whole season back before even ep 1 was released because I told myself: "Cool, this is gonna be new alternative to Telltale games."

So I played ep 1 when it came out, I was like "cool concept", even choice of unreal engine felt right. It's my favourite since Mass Effect days and it stays that way. Then I put LS aside as the next episodes were released, I stayed from

all the news and stuff. And then couple weeks ago my best friend got his hands on it and he WAS DEVASTATED by the ep 4 experience. So... I've played through it.

Life is strange is levels above anything what TTG did maybe only with TWD season 1 compareable but only in some moments.
FYI I'm in mid 20's, so I'm not a teenager anymore. So some of the campus drama is beyond me, but that is not clearly the main focus of the game after ep 2.

I don't want to get into too much details, I want to spare you guys of long reading and bore you to death, but after I played all 4 episodes ... I keep thinking about it, even when I focus not to, it's there, like a trauma you lived

through, like something in back of your mind reminding you that something big and wrong happend in your life, something that it's unresolved and I feel hopeless and angry at the same time and waking up in the morning feels different.

Max and Chloe's friendship is perfect, there's no such perfect thing in real life and that adds to the effect. Characters are even more real than in Witcher 3, choices feel that they matter in long term unlike TT games, even bloody music is THE best in video game.
The most fitting and of course the whole setting is quite easy for you DEVs, you just get me invested more and more into character and then just throw something bad at her and there you have it: emotional breakdown.

I didn' sleep after playing ep 4 for 40 hours, and I did cry like for the first time in my 18 years of gaming, and I keep sobbing everytime I hear "Obstacles" song. My friend has it still to this day. He'
s a passionate gamer oke, and he hasn't been playing ANYTHING past two weeks since he played ep 4. I mean this game can get you in such a state of mind that you can't break from it that fast even so eventually you'll get pass it. I hope.

I don't pray much, but nowdays I do, for the right ending to all of this madness. The right conclusion even I know it's probably gonna be bittersweet at best.

TL;DR: It hurts so much, but it hurts so good.

18th Aug 2015, 06:05
Yep, true story. I'm that guy who can't play anything for the past two weeks. And I don't think it's going away anytime soon. You devs made a very special game, even life changing. Can't wait for the ending and whatever story you come up with next.

18th Aug 2015, 09:05
When I bought this game in February, I played Ep 1 and then I wasn't able to play anything for a few weeks. Somehow the combination of atmosphere and the fact I got completely identified with Max made some emotional something inside me. Through episodes, similar thing occured with a smaller inpact and after Dark Room after 4 days I was able to play something - but still not anything brain-oriented, I sticked with Titanfall. :)

18th Aug 2015, 09:27
Thank you so much for your kind words. It really motivates the team to hear such positive experiences of the game, the community never cease to amaze us!

18th Aug 2015, 10:30
A lot of people can agree with this, am I right? But we can't all express ourselves that well about what we think of this game.
I can tell people are a bit more quiet on the forums after the last episode. xD

19th Aug 2015, 08:45
Well, I have to agree, that Life is Strange is an extraordinary game. I bought it a few days ago and I already played it for nearly 30 hours. I just had to try all the different possibilities. I really like the story and I absolutely love the characters. It's amazing how they grew on me, even some of the minor characters you only talk to once or twice.

I also have the problem that I can't play any other game because they aren't like Life is Strange. On that note I have to add that it would've been amazing if Life of Strange would have featured fully modeled Arcadia Bay. Imagine how cool it would be to free roam through the city like in GTA. Imagine playing as Max and taking a bike from the campus and drive all the way to Chloe's home or taking the bus and listen to the fantastic soundtrack while driving through Arcadia Bay or driving with Chloe in her car and talking about random stuff until you reach your destination.

I know that isn't possible because it would be a huge amount of work and Dontnod isn't some kind of Ubisoft developer having the ressources to create a huge game like assassin's creed but it would be very cool nonetheless.

One thing I think would have been possible, would be better facial expressions of the characters. Their faces look really stiff at times. Since Half Life 2 had already better facial expressions than LoS I think that could be something Dontnod could improve on if they decide to make a Season 2. I don't want to say that the way it is now is somehow bad but it could be improved. I think proper facial expressions would complement the fantastic voice acting.

19th Aug 2015, 18:19
Thank you all for terrific opinions. I'm still blown away from that game even it's been bunch of days.

Oh, yes, that I forgot to mention voiceacting. It is SPOT on. Again comparison to TTG voice acting, well there you have like two characters really well done and rest of them are just fillers, but here.. every little piece of dialogue seems spot on. Love it. :thumb: