View Full Version : No more powers?

17th Aug 2015, 20:52
I've read many threads regarding her using her powers in ep 5 by using one of the photos on her wall. Could

it be that this could be the last use of her powers? She already knows who is responsible, where rachels body is,

what will happen to kate, and knows where all the evidence is so there may not be a need for her powers any more

since she has basically cracked the case. And once we choose what picture what we want to use, we can just go from

there and hopefully make the right decisions. Not sure though. Just my thoughts. Any input?

18th Aug 2015, 05:33
Interesting theory.

18th Aug 2015, 13:37
This assumes she got her powers specifically to crack the case. Maybe she'll still have the powers at the end of the game but not really need to use them but can for small things in life.

One of the creators of the game said there will be short stories written after the end of episode 5 about Max, Chloe, and some of the other characters who survive the ending.