View Full Version : Max's Powers

17th Aug 2015, 14:17
Time travel is never an easy concept to explain but I'm just trying to get a grasp of what exactly she can do for the purposes of this game...

Some spoilers for the game, The Butterfly Effect, Heroes, Quantum Leap...

She seems to have a mix of time traveling to specific points similar to Evan in the butterfly effect movie via his blackouts/home films/photos. Then using her ability to slow/rewind time she seems to be capable of being able to move faster than the speed of light (to an extent) like Daphne in Heroes the way she can get herself up to that roof way before Officer Madsen.

I'm assuming she must also exist outside the realm of time since she can jump in and out of herself like when she travels back through time to before Chloe's father's self she is in her 13/14 year old self. Otherwise she would need to use her time rewind ability with extreme effort and be standing in Chloe's kitchen but that would probably give her severe aneurysms and pop major blood vessels and kill her. So I guess that would be some sort of time teleportation, or quantum leap power like Sam in the tv show Quantum Leap in which he can leap into other people's bodies within his lifetime only she can leap into her own body but also within her own lifetime granted she has a memory to focus on.

Also does she rewind her age progression while she is rewinding? or does she stay the same age technically making her older than everyone each time she does? For example let's say she plays around with rewinding for a whole day. She's technically aged a whole day but moving people back and forth they would stay the same because they are within the realm of time and she's outside of it. Does that make sense?

Ahhhhhh my brain hurts! People always tell me don't ruin it with Logic!!