View Full Version : Loot Chests with random chances! A free to play game´s bane!

16th Aug 2015, 18:30
Hi everyone,
i´m gonna try to stay as objective and constructive as i can with this criticism, even though it´s a topic that stirs up a lot of anger in me.

So, i recently bought a couple of the exalted chests because they (possibly) contain some cool looking skins that i would like to call my own. I´m prepared to pay for these skins and since these cosmetics are how a F2P game makes money i´m prepared to pay that.
After opening 5 chest i got 1 skin and 4 abilitys i did not want, 2 of them were identicall even, so it´s not a stretch to say i wasted 4000 runestones on stuff i did not want or needed!

I find this incredibly frustrating, since i would like to have the other skins and i don´t have a problem to pay for them, but i don´t want to waste "x" amount of money to eventually maybe get them!
Honestly it feels a bit like a steal, putting down 100 runestones for an ability that i did not want!

So since i´m trying to give some feedback here, let me explain a treasure chest model from another game, that i don´t find this frustrating and rather fair.

So let´s say all the exalted skins are bound to the exalted chests, opening 1 chest will guarantee 1 of the skins, but a random one. When i now purchase another chest i will get another random skin of those which remain, so i can´t get the same one twice. This means i can buy all the skins if i purchase the chest x times or be satisifeid with getting 2-3 random ones, but i never run into the danger of wasting money and getting something i don´t want.

I beg you psyonix, sit down with your marketing department and get rid of chests with random chances! I´ve seen games ruined by this buisness modell, players leaving in complete and utter rage and even lawsuits being filed.

I like this game a lot and i´d like to spend some money on it everynow and then, but never ever again will i pay anything for a ox with a random chance.

Thanks for reading



16th Aug 2015, 19:31
Welcome to Nosgoth.....where you can shell out a ton of cash chasing something you want and never get it, while also having another player get exactly what they want with the first buy in. Complete equality right?...................(Don't say no, there watching, shhh)

16th Aug 2015, 20:05

Are you expressing an opinion? Then you're not being objective.

But yeah, random chance is complete crap. Psyonix or Square Enix or whoever need to get on this.

17th Aug 2015, 01:51
Yeah I must say I feel like I am running a small storage company from my Nosgoth account with all the bleedin' chests. Couldn't their be a way to recycle a few? I know there are keys coming up. I thought about being able to give them as gifts, but then I thought people might start trying to bribe others. How about recycling them in the forge somehow - getting some kind of gold recompense as well as materials?