View Full Version : Looking for regular EU TEAM players, casual for now.

16th Aug 2015, 16:24
Greets all.

I am adding players ingame all the time that I find it easier to team up with due to their teamwork capabilities.
Just want to put the word out here aswell.

No ESL stuff (yet), need a team first ;)
If we can get a bunch of regular guys/gals together on TS that work well together, why not. But the emphasis will be on becoming a team first and not just jumping into pro level stuff.

I already have a TS and website etc from previous gaming shenanigans.
My background is FEAR Combat (the original Melee vs ranged OnlineFPS, ruined by cheats), COD4 (original ProMod), Battlefield 3,4. I mainly played FPS but bored of that (theres that word again lol). Played a lof of FPS but those above were my mains that I played for years.

I have about 500 hours in Nosgoth, still learning but TeamPlay is ftw. No team, no fun :)
My mains are:

Hunter (25)
Prophet (25)
Reaver (25)
Deceiver (25)

Add me on Steam for more info (Hellsonix) but generally I'm looking for like minded players who have:

1> A headset + Installed/capable of installing teamspeak3
2> A non raging 'can-do' attitude, can deal with situations without rage quitting or needing to abandon matches.
3> At least 300 hours in Nosgoth
4> Rank 25 on at least 3 classes (there is some leeway with this but ultimately you need to be able to adapt to what is required as a team).
5> Play on a regular basis, minimum 5 hours a week (thats an hour a day minimum after work for me).
6> Capable of putting an hour or 2 aside each week for team ups.
7> Mainly EU players, I do play with some Canadian/NA players but time zones will be a factor in arranging anything.

Okay, add me if this sounds like you.

Heres a video of me playing Savage Pounce Reaver..


17th Aug 2015, 15:36
I play alot. Played against you before. My ingame name is Paget Brewster and i'm always looking for more friends to play with. I am unfortunately a NA player but if your looking for people to team with then I can help you out. I am looking to get into ESL too but not right away for now it's just practicing against other teams. I have over 600 hrs in game and all vamps to 25 except reavcr, on the human side I play alch but am branching out to other classes. Feel free to add me if your interested. I also have a mic and teamspeak/curse/skype.

17th Aug 2015, 16:57
hey man' couldn't add you because the steam account i play nosgoth on is limited so add me if its ok

here is my link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/1Sm0kii/

17th Aug 2015, 19:44
Truck, send me a friend request on Steam.

Talion, your profile is private, I can't see any info about how much you played or where you are based.


Anyone else wanting to add me, make sure to let me know first via here (making sure you tell me your Steam name if its different to your ingame name) as I won't accept random friend requests on steam unless I know who they are, or have played some Nosgoth with them already.

17th Aug 2015, 22:16
I believe I added you. Hopefully I got the right person!

20th Aug 2015, 21:06
Thanks for the responses so far.

We now have a couple of more players, things are looking good. But theres still room for more if anyones interested.

The roles we cover so far are:

2 Prophets, Hunter, 2 Sentinels, Scout

Roles we could do more with are:

Hunter, Scout, Vanguard
Deceiver, Tyrant, Summoner, Reaver

Send em a message on here before adding me on Steam (Hellsonix).

22nd Aug 2015, 07:52
2 Prophets, Hunter, 2 Sentinels, Scout

Roles we could do more with are:
Hunter, Scout, Vanguard
Deceiver, Tyrant, Summoner, Reaver

No Alchemist but Vanguard? Good luck with that :P

22nd Aug 2015, 12:52
No Alchemist but Vanguard? Good luck with that :P

We have players that can play Alche if we really need, thats why its not in the list.
Nothing against having more Alche players but as long as they don't ONLY play Alche on human side thats fine.

22nd Aug 2015, 21:38
Hey, I would like to add you as well, steam name is NEYC, profile is public I believe