View Full Version : deceiver or sentinel unlock first?

15th Aug 2014, 19:31
I'm new. But I also played spy in tf2.

Which one is currently more powerful? In the pub stomping sense.


15th Aug 2014, 19:33
hard to say, im better with sent, but its hard to learn, still what id unlock!

15th Aug 2014, 22:09
It just depends on what you'd personally prefer, flying about which you'll have to get used to or being the deceiver who is slightly frail but very fast and easy to confuse low level players!

15th Aug 2014, 22:28
I unlocked the deceiver but am having trouble.

1. no advice anyone can really give but someone managed to make a worse hitbox for backstabs than TF2

2. Does the deceiver not stun as much on his hits or something? People attack me as either tyrant or reaver and I get stunlocked to death as human. We switch and I attack as deceiver, even sometimes landing a backstab, and most of the time they just keep attacking me like normal and out dps me and kill me. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I'm actually really good at the sneaky bit. Even with people who know the mechanic I know when to take advantage of the chaos. Just not understanding the attacks somehow.

15th Aug 2014, 23:46
ok after testing and playing more its clearly hit detection thats the problem with vamps on my end at least. Some guy was typing. I walked up 2 ft behind him tried to back stab. It hit him, even moved his player model. But no damage.

16th Aug 2014, 13:17
I haven't unlocked Deciever but from what I saw it seems fun... Decoys, Invisibility, hidden blade....

I unlocked Prophet and then Sentinel... I'm only enjoying Prophet. It's my favourite human class now.

I just die too much with sentinel, I can't use him, I always end up getting sniped in the flight and failing Abduct... with Tyrant everything is easier...

16th Aug 2014, 17:26
Sadly, [Backstab] has a lot of bugs with its hit detection. Even with that, I remember I had a blast playing the class when I unlocked it. I got the Deceiver last though, at level 20, so maybe that helped me with adjusting to how the class worked with its issues.

Eventually it'll get fixed and polished up, but it's not so bad anyway. You also might want to try out [Infect] as an alternative to [Backstab] if you're having troubles with no damage hits.

18th Aug 2014, 01:21
ok after testing and playing more its clearly hit detection thats the problem with vamps on my end at least. Some guy was typing. I walked up 2 ft behind him tried to back stab. It hit him, even moved his player model. But no damage.

swap backstab with an infect face slap , no doubt the backstab is the strongest hit for deceiver but due to no escape skill for deceiver ur boned if it doesnt hit, infect is easier cuz u can just slap wherever and if u didnt manage to finish ur meal at least the infect will pass around for some more dmg, if your lucky u could finish someone that your teammate didnt manage to just because the ran into a teammate with infect.

20th Aug 2014, 00:35
I suggest sentinel because it is FAR harder to learn than deceiver. Spend your early lvls figuring it out that way when you are higher level you don't feel like an ass for playing piss poor learning a new class and sucking =p

20th Aug 2014, 06:21
imho backstab isn't as strong as it looks like. If you dont hit the enemy in the back its worthless. Infest deals 200 dot dmg + melee swing dmg and has the potential to spread out to other enemies.

I recommend to pick deceiver. A bad deceiver is still better than a bad sentinel and both classes require a certain experience of the game mechanics. Beginners often tend to fly too much with sentinel and engage with low hp.

Loadout for Deceiver: Disguise (never dominate, it sucks imho), Infest (the hit box of blade + dmg is not worth it), Shroud/Illusions (I prefer shroud for the dmg part, but both are fine)

(tip if you didn't know already: you can keep the RMB pressed for disguise to stay invisble longer!)

20th Aug 2014, 16:33
deceiver for stealthy plays :D . And Deceiver is ez to play than Sentinels . Most people will have some hard-time at flying or kidnap at first . ( like me! , haha ) . It have a really good engagement besides tyrant

20th Aug 2014, 19:52
I have them both now. Much prefer sentinel. I think they both have their niche, but overall I'd recommend sentinel first to any future people. Both because the learning curve is steeper but also because I think sentinel is a lot more useful once you are good with it. Deceiver really needs a lock on (like pounce or whatever reaver has) for backstab. With latency its just a joke trying to land it sometimes.