View Full Version : STORE Immortal booster not activating

15th Aug 2014, 18:32
After the booster reset my immortal booster doesn't verify if i want to enable it and it immediately shows as my active booster. Shown here:
Notice the lack of expiration timer.
The 2x XP boost is never applied. I tried it 3 games in a row.

And on the contrary, my "no booster" option asks me if I'm sure i want to activate this booster. Shown here:
but that also ends in the same place. a no booster with no expiration. Shown here:

I'm thinking my immortal booster somehow became corrupt and still functions as expired.
Is it possible to issue me a new one to resolve the problem? Thank you in advance for your help.

Just read other thread where Greg spoke of an incoming hotfix. Will be patient until then.

17th Aug 2014, 00:01
Yeah I can't seem to equipt mine either - I haven't tried the no booster though to see if it activates