View Full Version : Could Be Cavemen Looking for scrims.

15th Aug 2015, 23:45
Could Be Cavemen is looking for regular scrims to be had.

We will scrim anyone we just want some good 4v4 matches that everyone can learn from.

Requirements to scrim with us.

***Set a time we can both agree on and stick to it. Let's not waste anyone time everyone has a busy schedule so it's important to show up for scrims when they are agreed upon. (Life Happens so the occasional miss is okay, as long as it's not habit.)

***Keep it clean and fun, Just a general rule if there is more negative to scrimming you than positive we will not be doing more with you in the future.

***Be on time if we set the time for 8 PM EST, be there on time let's not be showing up around 830.

*** Be okay with random pauses, if agreed upon ahead of time. The purpose of scrims are to better yourselves as a team. If we are there to learn both teams should be perfectly fine with the occasional pause while a team brain storms.

Feel free to contact any of us on steam or through our steam group. Don't use the forums to reach out to us, as there is no guarantee we will see the forums daily.

The group is open to the public.

My profile

Reach out to me on skype, Skype name is Arydious

I look forward to battling many of you in the near future.


16th Aug 2015, 13:54
I'll ask the OFP gang if they are down to scrim and maybe we can make something happen. We are looking to practice against skilled teams that we can learn from and see what ESL play is all about. Let me know if that interests you guys. We are EST time.

17th Aug 2015, 16:34
Awesome, I decided to make it easier to reach myself, and added contact info in the original post

20th Aug 2015, 14:04
Poutine can scrim, just msg me buddy (already your friend).


20th Aug 2015, 16:02
Hey Whoopya!

This is an effort to make scrims more organized. To many times a scrim is organized by word of mouth and it falls through. Each player has a busy life and when a scim doesn't happen it effects more than just game time.

We are still down to do pick up scrims whenever as long as we are all on.