View Full Version : Console It.

15th Aug 2015, 23:22
It is the best since 4, but it would be better, not on a phone, but on 3ds and Vita physical editions (download later perhaps.).

13th Feb 2016, 23:43
Couldn't agree more. The legacy of final fantasy started on consoles you could sit down and play on a TV. Just because it may appear to have the general graphical presentation of a "mobile" game doesn't mean that the console people should be robbed out of playing it. Put it on psn, etc etc etc.

5th Apr 2016, 15:42
signed, ps4 it pls. (i dont own a mobile phone and no intention to)

7th Nov 2016, 12:21
i would buy this instantly if it were available on console or dedicated handheld, heck i would pay full price.