View Full Version : 2 things regards to leaver penalties

14th Aug 2015, 16:00
I think for public (non league) games they should be disabled because with public matchs you still get replacements for them join, with league however they should definately be there still.
Though with crashes/disconnects etc you SHOULD NOT get a point penalty, especially not multiple point penalties where you crash and reconnect say 3 times in a row and suddenly find you've lost 42 points for something beyond your control, if you do not reconnect then maybe consider adding their team mates point losses to ontop of their own -14 penalty as their team mates are liable to all loose points as a result of being a man down.

15th Aug 2015, 05:16
For Unranked games the leaver's penalty is a lot more mild, being something around 3 minutes instead of 10. It was put in place because leavers have been a problem since long before Ranked matches were announced.

Really, the point penalty is a great motivation to keep leavers from being a problem, since a 10 minute wait would be worth it to some people to preserve their points. The teammate penalty loss is too much. Rather, it'd be better to reward a player for reconnecting by removing the applied penalties. So say you crash three times in a row, instead of losing 42 points like you said you only lose at most the 14 point maximum. I expect they plan this for the future since the version we have now really feels like a glitchy work-in-progress.

15th Aug 2015, 06:51
I think for public (non league) games they should be disabled

Why should public matches be trash?

And disconnects incurring a penalty are an issue but if I recall, there's not really a way around that as far as differentiating between a leaver and a DC. So the best to be done there is the penalty itself being tweaked, like Raven said.

15th Aug 2015, 11:44
I think non league matches should have a penalty time between 3-5 min... 3 min is nothing.
And league games should go back up to 10 min, as soon as issues like crashes donĀ“t appear anymore.

17th Aug 2015, 10:13
3-5 minutes for normal matches seems fair. But I think the point penalty for both normal and league matches should be refunded once you reconnect, so in case you disconnect again you don't end up losing a ton like RainRaven mentioned.

The other day though, I crashed and quickly tried to open Nosgoth and reconnect, unfortunately my empty spot had already been taken and I had to wait around those 3 minutes. Bit of a bummer.