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14th Aug 2015, 12:02
I'd been thinking for a long time that something inspired by H R Geiger's work would be really fitting for the psychotic insectoid Zephonim.

This image in particular has stuck in my mind a lot as an example. I think a 3D mural of Zephon sculpted with tar could look really creepy.

If he already has a pretty warped mind, it would be interesting that his (and his clan's) subconscious was already dreaming up nightmarish insects creatures even before he fully evolved into one. Perhaps he would adorn his territory with abstract images to terrify his subjects and his enemies alike.

I'm not sure if the Zephonim had the ability to cocoon people yet in Nosgoth's era, they probably would have already adopted the trend of preserving them in some fashion (alive of course) and I'd hope that showed up in the new map.

EDIT: The mural mentioned above (because it morphed in the movie) along with this texture from SR1 got me thinking you guys could do some really interesting things with animated textures in the Zephonim territory.

I figured having animated meshes for live cocooned victims would be a drain on developer and CPU resources, but this could be a neat alternative. One or two murals could be animated too if there was like hallucinogenic incense burning nearly or it was enchanted by the Zephonim or just use the same sort of reasoning as Prometheus did and say it's because the atmosphere was disturbed.

The Alien films as well as Stargate Atlantis had a thing where Xenomorphs and Wraith would coccoon their victims into a wall.

15th Aug 2015, 06:53
I don't think anyone should ever use the same reasoning as Prometheus but I do love the animated victims angle...Definitely could see some Giger influences working for Zephon's Cathedral.

17th Aug 2015, 08:54
Another think I'd expect to see in the Zephonim territory is examples of torture equipment. Imagine an iron maiden ("Iron Maiden? EXCELLENT!!") with a funnel underneath to catch the blood and feed it into containers for the vampires. Going along with the Giger idea, it could have a nightmarish relief of it's potential victims on the front a bit like a sarcophagus would have.

There was also this alternate reality episode of Buffy where the vampire master (du-dum-tsh!) came up with the "truely demonic concept" of mass production. He's built this factory with a machine that restrained it's victim and jammed a load of needles into her and sucked out her blood to pump into a wine class. That's definitely something the Zephonim would do!

Any sort of tar, dark coloured metal or blood stained mural just feels very appropriate for the Zephonim. A lot of structures would be made of organic material, since in their later forms they were nest builders. Psychologically, the idea of building nests might already be in their subconscious. Since I mentioned tar before, that might be a suitable glue for sticking human remains together for that sort of structure and preserving their victims.

Stretch racks would explain the elongated limbs that the Zephonim had. They were masochists afterall and stimulated their evolution by their self torture and probably would have 'allowed' the humans to join in just for the fun of it.

There also needs to be some sort of insect related torture as well.

17th Aug 2015, 10:31
When i`m not a fan of fallic like look of Alien, and, let me be honest Geiger work at all, i cannot overlook the fact, that Zephon i Soul Reaver is pretty much alien queen... What i think about thier territory- lots of high towers and deep dungeons, a lot of gothic-like windows. It need to give feeling of "sickness"- some toxic green as a motiff. Also some traning ground for thier human soliders(adepts and novices from SR, anybody remember?). Vampmaster also suggested some insect related torturing device... Well mass production of blood is a bit far fetched, but how about impaling through chest(like you would do with captured butterfly) on some altar, with grooves, that will make blood gather in to some bowl, or goblet?(sort of like south american indians did with hearts)
I am backing up reliefs, that would show how much of a monster Zephonim are. Maybe even some bodies of other vampires pinned to the wals here and there?
One sadistic idea- instead glueing bodies to walls, how about pinning them? Thrugh skin, like some sort of vivisection crap- alive of course
(i hate it, just for the record- i am environmentalist both by the my beliefs, and my education :) )
And some sort of area, where the victims would be bleed for days, and kept alive, until they`d be impaled and bleed completly dry. Som strappado like devices along with some equipment for acolytes? And iron maiden would be "cocoon" for Fledglings- they are evolving and hurting themself at the same time
I just realized how sick i am...

17th Aug 2015, 11:43
It would also be cool to see a statue of Jehoel from the Fane blog holding Lailah's head. Or some reference to him in them somewhere.

18th Aug 2015, 11:45
Maybe some insects references in architecture? Let say columns would be thin, bamboo like(sort of like spider legs). Or how about city bulid on concetric plane, like web? Some settelments should also have many floors
And we should not forget, that Zephonim are criminally insane even compared to other vampires, destroing everything they please and they don`t value other ways of thinking. Maybe some desecrated symbols of human faith and/or former glory, broken statues coverd in vampire glyphs and symbols(like in "Lord of the Rings" where orcs cut of the head of king statue and replaced it with stone with Sauron Eye painted on a rock)? Some "in-your-face" caricature of other clans, or mockery of thier ways of thinking? I don`t think Zephonim`d give a fyling fart about what other think of them, even allies

19th Aug 2015, 03:31
I love the idea of some sort of reference to the Vampire worshippers.