View Full Version : Fun achievments!

14th Aug 2015, 04:16
We should have fun achievements put in like killing a number of crows and killing a number of rats.....
Sitting through the credits so Nosgoth can get the proper credit you guys deserve haha. I think it would be fun. People trying to kill a number of rats in the fane or shooting crows in Freeport.
(yes I know matching making and lag spikes are the problem THIS is just for fun purposes)
What other "Fun" Achievements would you like to see, any ideas for map based ones??
(go crazy lets have fun hopefully they'll use some ideas!!)

15th Aug 2015, 06:58
...This is a multiplayer arena combat game. Anyone sitting around sniping crows for the virtual equivalent of a scout badge is wasting everybody's time. And if you need to put quotations around fun, it's not fun.

But there really should be an achievement for pouncing onto Raziel's head in The Fane.

21st Aug 2015, 02:54
How many other arena combat games have off set achievements, quite a few. I also put quotations around fun because i'd fined it amusing however, i can not speak for other people.
Its a tad bit ridiculous that you think it would be wasting peoples time.. the game doesnt stop just because one player starts sniping crows.

I think that would be a pretty fun achievement - to pounce on Raziels head - but my suggested one are more "combat based". It could even be called murder of crows haha