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13th Aug 2015, 22:40
When will a Parasite Eve 2 Remake happen ?

This should be in Top 10 Games of All Times. Best mix between Survival, Horror, Action and RPG. Deeply sad of how underrated this game was and still is. Lots of people there that don't even know about it's existence. So sad it was always overshadowed by PE1 for the wrong reasons... like comparing Apples to Oranges...

A remake of this game desperately needs to happen :thumb:. Hopefully during my lifespan :worship:. I will be in Heaven and back when it does.

23rd Aug 2015, 02:06
I would actually kill for a Parasite Eve 1 or 2 remake/remaster. 3rd Birthday was completely different and lackluster in my opinion compared to the charm the older games in the franchise had.

23rd Jan 2016, 16:18

5th Jul 2016, 02:46
And... Up!

9th Aug 2016, 04:02
I really really love to see it happens.it was my best game on PS1.seriously great game nothing is comparable with it.when i played it first time,i was so interested and didn't play any game for a while.please square enix make it happen..

22nd Feb 2017, 17:11
Any news?