View Full Version : Executing humans should not provide experience.

13th Aug 2015, 17:54
The current system encourages players to perform an action that has no relevance to the match itself and often hurts the team in the process. I'm sure we've all found ourselves in a situation where our teammate sits there eating a corpse while at full health as we bleed out next to him, and this isn't something that should be incentivized.

13th Aug 2015, 22:07
In my August list of requests thread, I made a request to add points awarded to players for contributing to a kill through disabling abilities like Dominate Mind or Bola. What could encourage a learning moment here, with executions, is to award points to a player that drags a body to a vampire under 25% health when that vampire does the execution. Not a large amount, but I think this would promote team play.

14th Aug 2015, 15:32
good idea!

me too when i was farming i have tendency to feed always, no matter of teamplay and often forgetting to check if a teammates was really in need of feed.

15th Aug 2015, 05:21
It's a good idea in theory but I feel like that'd be a hard thing for the computer to check for.

Also Psyonix is aware Executions giving exp is unbalanced. They plan on adding a human version called Taunts in the future and have mentioned as much several times on the main blog. I'm not sure how that will balance since humans won't heal by Taunting but Vampires feed by executions, but I'm withholding judgement on that until I see it in action.

15th Aug 2015, 06:43
Selfish players will be selfish with or without incentive. It's their nature. I rather like the extra smidge of points when nobody needs the healing.

@Raven: The point of taunts won't be a healing method, but an XP provider. Any effect other than that is speculation but the ideas abound.