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13th Aug 2015, 15:12
What if episode 5 begins with a cut scene of you waking up, lying down in the dark, no inner monologue. You realise you're in the trunk of Jefferson's car. You can hear the rain outside from the approaching tornado. The trunk door isn't latched properly and you're given the prompt to kick it open. You emerge to discover you're in the junkyard, but the twist is you're playing as Nathan, not Max. It's early Friday morning, but the sky is still dark. You can see the tornado approaching in the distance, which freaks you out. You're not wearing your jacket and your face is bruised from the fight with Warren yesterday. You wander through the junkyard until you find Mr Jefferson in the rain, burying someone. Max is unconscious nearby. The tornado is getting closer and stronger, bits of junk are starting to be picked up by the wind. You ask Jefferson why you're in the junkyard. He says, Rachel had a strange fascination with the junkyard, so it made sense to bury her here, and Chloe next to her. Nathan is upset because he didn't know Rachel was actually dead. He confronts Jefferson about killing Chloe. Jefferson says that Chloe isn't an 'innocent', but that he wouldn't have had to kill her, if you had taken care of it after the night you drugged Chloe in your room and she got away. That was a stupid mistake and your father was right about you. That you've become a problem. Nathan is angry and about to attack Jefferson, but is distracted when the boat on the other side of the junkyard falls over from the increasing wind (I'm not sure if it's the same boat that gets thrown towards the lighthouse, but that would be cool). When Nathan turns back Jefferson shoots him point blank.

Then, you wake up in your room. It's Monday morning. Before you can work out what just happened, a text arrives from Chloe saying that she wants to talk, and to meet her in the girl's bathroom. There's also another angry text from your father. And one from Jefferson about Kate. You freak out about what Chloe might want and get a sudden flash vision of the tornado, which hurts your head. You grab your gun and leave the dorms, having intermittent flashes of the storm in your head every so often. If you press the rewind button, you get extended visions of the future and the various effects the tornado has on the town, which freaks you out even more. Eventually the scene cuts just as you enter the bathroom.

Then we cut to Jefferson in the junkyard carrying unconscious Max to his car and then her waking up in the dark room.

13th Aug 2015, 22:33
Nice intro!!