View Full Version : Looking for a Group to play with! :)

13th Aug 2015, 13:50
Hi everyone,
i thought i gave this a shot. So i´ve been playing this game on and off since alpha, but i never really managed to convince most of my buddies to paly it with me (i know, they´re crazy.. right?!).
So i thought maybe there is a group or team that looks for someone to join their ranks or something like that. ^^

i would not be afraid to play on a competitive level, since i have some experiecne in that area from other games, but i do not have to. I mostly would like to have a group to play with, that´s all really. ^^

My timezone is EU

Looking forward to hearing from you.



13th Aug 2015, 16:22
I feel your pain :D ,I have the same problem

count me in

add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198181312270/

13th Aug 2015, 18:53
My community has a network of players within Nosgoth, I myself am already in the Top eternal league in the beta season check us out maybe you'll find someone to play with: