View Full Version : What has to change till october solo-league release and why...

13th Aug 2015, 12:15
Aight boyz...wanted to create a thread to keep them up, what has to change in especially solo-leagues and why.
We all know about game crashes,reconnect, points and so on...
so I wanted to focus more on the things in gameplay,rewards and stuff like that.

Atm I am having a boredom, I grinded to much at the start, and now it feels like I have to force myself every day, to make my three games to stay save in blood at least, I guess.
This might be my own fault...but still I would be happy if that could change a bit.
( idk maybe it would be way more intresting, if you have a limit of league games you can do each day...like 5 maybe...but it´s just a thought)

I am totally cool with blood or even gold...as I see it, I belong somewhere in the lower section of blood anyways...
besides that...I think everybody that has bought some keys and knows what will be in the boxes thinks that (lets talk about blood and beyond) 3 keys are not enough.
If the loot and drop of boxes would change, it could be alright...dunno...I have 144 boxes in my inventory...I don´t even wanna know how many a person with around 1k hours has (i am around 600).
And the same skin for eternal to gold...idk man...maybe there should be at least a little colour difference between the three leagues...like eternal has a silver helmet...blood red...gold...

So I do my three games every day...I don´t play to good then..I need a lot of playtime to keep up a kinda alright gameplay.
But mostly the issue is that my team plays even worse...like having no clue how to start an attack or how to position and things like that.
Over some time ppl know who plays good and who plays bad...
and now we are at a point where we have leavers in every lobby...
I´m personally tired of checking profiles and all that, to make sure i can farm wins aswell...
so I don´t do that anymore....which ends in me losing most of the games...cuz most of the ppl still do it, it seems.
Idk about that...this is something that should have been resolved first (besides performance stuff) to make sure, this league is not just a joke...instead you brought duo queues...for what reason ever.
Atm it kinda goes like ditch or be their b.

And me personally...I am very fit in the morning...but at around 20pm i get kinda slow.
I hope this advantage..and yes it is an advantage...will be gone.

A few games I lost cuz I couldn´t find my enemies anymore...and a few games I won cuz I was hiding on a roof for the last minute or playing extremly defensive all half long as a vamp.
I personally think it was alright the way I did it...still opponents were raging.
And yeah...at the end there has to be a resolution for this aswell...
losing health if you don´t attack will not help here I think...the idea is good..but as a summoner you can range attack all the time..so it will end up in a summoner/senti/reaver party.
Imo it would be more helpful if humans could get everywhere somehow...
or idk...maybe their shooting/grenade range should be a bit longer, or roofs a bit lower...dunno.
It shouldn´t be an option to hide a whole half.


yours the greatest^^