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14th Aug 2014, 20:01
So I went into a match where I played the Deciever and when I used Disguise there was this human always shooting me. Im pretty sure its 100% invisibility until I either disguise as a human or attack breaking the ability right?
NOTE he did not see me use Disguise and guess where I was running He saw me 100%.

I havent seen anything in the patchnotes (might have missed it) saying its only partial invisibility close to the Scouts Camoflage.
The only thing Ive seen made more clear for the enemy is "SHROUD"

But this human in the match kept firing constantly hitting. Saying L2p etc and such things.

And again I´m pretty sure It is 100% invisibility that Disguise gives.

So could I have been facing of on a cheater that used some sort of program that made me visible or a bug?
Have others encountered this?

I couldnt check the players playcard since they left immediatly.

14th Aug 2014, 23:01
there are footsteps on some surfaces, watch out for water on the ground, etc

14th Aug 2014, 23:46
quick note: you're mixing up your ability names. disguise is the deceiver ability which makes you look like a human. shroud is the ability which makes you "invisible".

i haven't seen other deceivers using shroud, but while playing as a deceiver i've asked the humans about it, and they've told me on several occasions that i appear as a camouflaged blur (just like the scout's ability). i'm fine with this, but they should update the ability's description, since you're definitely not "invisible" while using it.

15th Aug 2014, 00:20
Disguise: You become invisible for a few seconds while holding the RMB down. Good players can sometimes see the dust clouds beneath your feet or splashes of water while walking over puddles, so avoid running in a straight line directly at your prey.

Shroud: You become harder to see and do AoE damage. Nearly every player will still shoot at you. However I sometimes find it useful to use this skill and immediately do an evasion roll, most people will be at least a little distracted.

Note: There already are hackers (probably not many "real" hackers but children who downloaded a premade hack) in this game, who can easily see you trough walls and when you are invisible (there is also auto-aim, movement speed increase and shooting speed increase...well, thats all i have personally experienced). I won't post any further proof of it since I don't want people to destroy this game. I read that the devs are already investigating on the issue so we probably won't see it often in the final game. If you encounter a player who hacks you should report them directly to the devs (do not post his name in the normal forums), but keep in mind that some pro players can shoot you over quite a distance (by expecting your movement path, seeing splashes/dust, hearing your footsteps).

15th Aug 2014, 01:56
I always spot deceivers. There are two teammates with the same name, and one of them isn't shooting.......

As for hackers, I haven't seen any yet. I also know VERY little about the coding (cudos to the devs.... I think?)

15th Aug 2014, 04:39
I can't say if the person was cheating or not, but from my experience I always manage to get a couple of shots on invisible Deceivers.

As people have mentioned - there are dust trails / puddles that indicate your approach. Apart from that - when I hear footsteps coming from a certain direction I always fire a few shots hoping to wound the opponent. When playing a Hunter I even turn and throw a blind [Whip], which often strikes the Deceiver that has just clicked [Q]. Another thing to watch out for is Scouts using Stormbows. If they land a hit on you, there'll be a sticky grenade stuck to your invisible body, indicating where to place further shots.

And then, there's pure luck. I've been levelling a Prophet lately and I can't even tell you how many times I have used a Hex Shot on an invisible Deceiver by luck. Usually I aim at a Tyrant / Reaver but end up getting a guy out of sheath while he was creeping up to my team mates in the middle of the fight. Apart from luck, I've Hexed Deceivers when I saw them go invisible and predicted their movement properly.

When playing against someone who you suspect cheating the only advice I'd give to you is:
1) Examine their behaviour - e.g. if you have CONSISTENTLY confirmed on MANY occasions that the guy had no sight of you before you went invisible and tried to make your approach - and then turned around and shot you over distance - something might be up.

2) Have a look at their accuracy - I don't know what cheats there are for Nosgoth, and whether they all come in a package (e.g. wall hack + auto aim), but generally if someone is hitting you with every bullet - I'd be suspicious. I've played against some phenomenally skilled people, but they still don't hit with a 100% accuracy.