View Full Version : Getting very low FPS

14th Aug 2014, 19:04
Hey guys, i just bought the game yesterday after watching some gameplay of it, but after i started the game o noticed that i have very low fps, i am getting 20 fps in game.

My PC Specs are:
i7 3610
6Gb ram

i should be able to play this more fluently, do i need to do anything special or is the game just not optimized for my pc?

Sorry for any grammar mistakes

14th Aug 2014, 20:05
It's not very optimized at the moment. If you haven't done so already set all the settings to the lowest they can possibly go. The LOD's aren't very good yet, so this may not even make much of a difference.

If you are running skype in the background, try closing it. Skype hogs resources and data mines in the background. Use teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble as an alternative. Basically change settings to low, and close everything else.