View Full Version : Forfeit In League Games

12th Aug 2015, 17:47

I wanted to suggest adding a forfeit option in leage games. Today I played my first league game to check it out, the result? Everyone on my team left and i was alone, wasting my time feeding the enemy. Please do something about this as it is really annoying.


12th Aug 2015, 19:30
That screenshot couldn't have explained it better. In my opinion, a forfiet option should be implemented as soon as someone drops, no one wants to have to play through a 2 v 4 match just because they don't want to get a league penalty.

13th Aug 2015, 11:00
Yes, a forfeit option would be ideal in the event of dropped teammates. It may be wise to allow a brief reconnect window before being able to forfeit, however.

13th Aug 2015, 22:14
I agree, league matches should just end after the time for a reconnect expires. At least, I think there's a timer window that allows for a reconnect. Regardless, if 2 or 3 minutes passes without a reconnect and the game is locked at 3v4 or whatever, call it a draw and let it end.