View Full Version : Is Mr. Jefferson really 46!?

12th Aug 2015, 15:36
Okay, I just want some sort of confirmation from the Life is Strange team.

In episode 2 if you blamed Mr. Jefferson then at the start of episode 3 if you go on Max's computer there's a fan page supporting Mr. Jefferson and in the top right (even though it's hard to make out) it say's he was born on april 11th 1967 making him 45/46 around the events of the game :eek:. He looks like he's early to mid thirties! What the hell is up with that?:eek:

So can someone just confirm that Mr. Jefferson really is 46 and I'm not going crazy? Please!

12th Aug 2015, 17:29
He can time travel like Max, didnĀ“t you knew that? :p only difference is that he can move foward in time!!!!!

17th Aug 2015, 14:58
It's hard to age computer characters sometimes.. but if he is 46, then the developers did not design him right at all, lol. :D

17th Aug 2015, 15:22
I know lots of 40s that look similar.