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12th Aug 2015, 04:05
If the Nosgoth team is going to charge money for pieces of the game in a beta, then can we at least have some sort of dedicated backbone towards the progression of making this game better?

Like allowing players to switch sides in the match when the one team has less players. Or having ques specifically designed for joining matches that are already in progress.

Ranked is really fun, but 3v4s are rampant in all game modes.

Sure, leavers will get punished, but a leaver doesn't give two **** in the first place. Which is why I think the game needs to stop taking the "Laissez-faire" approach to the situation, and perhaps allow players in game to switch sides, which I think is the best route, imho.

In edition, I think having AI matches would be a huge step in the right direction for the competitive scene. Nosgoth uses asymmetry, so when it comes to beginners being able to learn the game, having AI matches to test out loadouts, classes, factions for newbs and advanced players alike, I think, would go a long way in that regard. And it would allow everyone the ability to play a game whenever they wanted, without having to worry about god awful latency..