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11th Aug 2015, 22:16
Dark materials, aside from inadvertently sharing a name with a garbage book series, ties neatly into Dark Eden. Desert glass...Well, it's just especially strong glass. Good manufacturing material. Blood vials...Well, it's obvious where they fit into everything.

Relic shards and quicksilver? Don't fit anywhere. Either could be tied into proper Nosgoth lore with later content - quicksilver in particular sounds fitting to be tied into a future human class, a mage or some unique brand of alchemical fighter - but why not tie the shards back to Soul Reaver's eldritch energy? It'd be as simple as changing the name to something like 'Eldritch Artifact' and the description (rather than just referencing some non-specific remnants of whatever) to suggest the energy was magically/alchemically imbued into crystals to harness it.

(What's that, hypothetical reader? Why, yes, this is a tiny detail that will prove insignificant to many. But then it shouldn't be all that difficult to implement then, should it? :p)

11th Aug 2015, 23:11
Unless I'm mistaken, the relic shards have the Light Reaver's elemental symbol on them. Perhaps it was part of one of the fonts that the EG destroyed after SR2 or an artifact that might have reacted to the Light Reaver in some way. Raziel encountered elemental symbols in lots of places where he needed to use the Reaver. The image is probably just one example of an ancient relic rather than light having anything to do with it specifically.

Doesn't 'materials' in the context of the the book series "His Dark Materials" refer to this dictionary definition?
"2. Information or ideas for use in creating a book or other work" (Google, 'materials definition')
Or did you mean something else?

The image in the forge doesn't match up with that and looks more like the remains of various types of creature.

12th Aug 2015, 17:02
Dark materials, aside from inadvertently sharing a name with a garbage book series,

You dissin' the Dark Materials, bro?

12th Aug 2015, 17:13
Without intending to be disingenuous, what does "proper Nosgoth lore" mean? All items need to include some kind of token reference to a class or something we happened to see before in the Legacy of Kain games, or otherwise they just don't fit? You would think practically everything in the game constitutes "proper lore," simply by virtue of being there in the same world as everything else.