View Full Version : More transparency regarding the ladder rank

11th Aug 2015, 21:53
Hi guys,

I'm rank 17 in the Blood 1 Division. However, I'm missing 250+ Points for an Eternal rank (I currently have 763 Points). So I think that there is no real incentive for playing after reaching the blood league as long as one doesn't want to be an Eternal. Therefore I suggest that the specific rank can be seen in some kind of player history for each season. In addition, the profile border could also show the specific league division, for example Gold IV, Gold III etc.

I hope that the calculation of the league points can be more transparent and why ist the MMR hidden?. I don't understand why I never lost a single point even though I lost around 40% of my matches.

I think it would also be nice if the ladder is more based on skill (MMR) than on time played because the top 100 are definitely not the best 100 players. The current system reminds a little of the WOW classic honor system.

Best regards

12th Aug 2015, 21:47
the 100 top are the 100 top nolifer, actually, lol

there are all people who play a lot 100/200 games, rarely there is someone who play less, so the ranking is more a "nolifer list" instead of a "player skill list".