View Full Version : Any official videos I can watch for this game?

11th Aug 2015, 15:02
Would love some official video links to this if they exist? There is a sniper! That is so awesome! Oddly in the last Hitman game absolution, the game was terrible so just played through it to do it. But the Sniper Challenge logged hundreds of hours it was so fun. Is this that fun???? Hope someday we get these awesome hitman spinoffs like GO and Sniper on PC to play. People are working hard to make these for us somewhere, hope more of us get to enjoy their hard work because that GO game looks so much fun and unique, also this sounds fun! Should be on Xbox arcade, PC, everything, their small so controller support would be easy?

15th Aug 2015, 10:57
Have a look at the video in the following link, it's the Official Launch Trailer.....

http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=156266 ←Click !! :cool:

The video is actually on this forum but thought I'd post a link for you anyway ok !!

Hitman Sniper is a quality game, it's addictive, challenging and a lot of fun as well.....If you enjoyed the Sniper Challenge game they done a few years back then you'll definitely like this !!

There's soon to be an update released as well, with some new content and features etc, so it's only getting better.

I'm not sure if they're going to port this across on to other platforms such as P.C, Xbox or PS but I agree, it would be great if they did !!

!! Anyway, I Hope this Helps..........Enjoy !!

28th Aug 2015, 06:38
Thank you for the link, it does look like everything awesome from the mini game we got as a preorder bonus on PC!!!!