View Full Version : Episodes not actually downloading. Xbox360.

11th Aug 2015, 07:38
Episodes 3 and 4 are marked as downloading, and have been all day. I followed the instructions for trouble downloading episode 2 and the only episode denominated beyond the base game was episode 2. I'm re downloading episode 2 in the hopes that it forces the game to look for episodes 3 and 4 again. When I try to open the download menu for episodes 3 and 4 it just makes a clicking sound now.

I have the season pass for episodes 2-5, and I'm trying this all in the games episode menu. The Xbox and downloadable content menus want me to pay for each episode. I understand that last part is normal.

18th Aug 2015, 09:39

When downloading episodes on Xbox 360, make sure you don't navigate away from the progress bar. This is an issue with Xbox 360 where it actually stops the downloading in the background.

To fix:
Restart your Xbox 360
Download an episode
leave the progress bar menu open until 100% downloaded
Launch Life is Strange and play episode