View Full Version : [X360] Bug in episode 4

9th Aug 2015, 22:31
May have spoilers
Hi guys. I cant look at the ground below the couch in Nathan's room. When I do, nothing happens. Is there no option, not even a picture of Max that should be on the wall appears. Can anyone help me?

Sorry for my bad English.

9th Aug 2015, 23:35
Did you inspect all the other objects in the room? I'm pretty sure Max only notices the scratches on the carpet in front of the couch after checking the other objects in the room like the computer etc. As for the picture of Max on Nathans wall, little details like this vary depending on the choices you made in your playthrough.. which may differ from the walkthrough you're watching.

10th Aug 2015, 02:19
Yes, I check all objects in the room, I went in and out several times, I have also reseted the chapter a few times and I've restarted my Xbox and still not have the option to interact or to look at the mark on the ground. The mark is there but I can't interact with it in any way.

18th Aug 2015, 09:42
Hi LeoAlle,

I recommend removing Episode 4 and re-installing it. Hopefully this fixes the issue for you