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8th Aug 2015, 16:28
Hi all,

I've uploaded some super high-res 4k screenshots to my blog (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=124). They make great wallpapers - even scaled down to 1080p they still look crisper than ones captured at 1080p - and there's plenty of detail and no watermarking if you want to manipulate them or adapt them for different aspect ratios.

At the moment they're all from the first part of episode 1, because it takes time to capture and process them, but I'll update this thread as more shots go up. Enjoy!

9th Aug 2015, 04:21
Thanks for sharing. They are great

9th Aug 2015, 12:46
Thanx, its look nice .. Fufu David looks like one of me friend. he decline it. :D i like wallp with max memorial wall.

9th Aug 2015, 13:43
Part 2 is up! (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=203)

64 new 4k screenshots, comprising the middle of Episode 1. Lots of Max, Chloe and Max & Chloe.

9th Aug 2015, 17:55
Nice work :) I think a trick was missed not including a capture mode in-game. PS4 compresses screenshots to hell.

9th Aug 2015, 19:21
Nice work :) I think a trick was missed not including a capture mode in-game. PS4 compresses screenshots to hell.

In-game could've been a nice tie-in with the photography theme, but if time and resources were limited then I'm happy with how they were spent.

At the moment I'm just capturing these via the Steam overlay - I've set up my Razer Naga mouse so that one of the thumb buttons acts as F12, meaning I can quickly capture without moving my hands. I've also told Steam to save them as uncompressed PNG files, so my screenshots folder is already pretty large. Over 5GB for roughly 2,000 pics so far. Most don't cut muster. It's like digital photography, rapidly snapping shots and hoping that 1 in 20 won't suck.

Sorry Max, I'm just not an analog guy :|

It's the Unreal 3 engine, so there's plenty of potential to get fancy if I want to (noclip, FoV tweaks etc.). My current focus is on capturing what Dontnod designed, but if there's sufficient interest I might get creative later. The only Photoshop magic I've done so far has been to remove interface elements - either by airbrushing, or mixing multiple shots together with masks (this is how I got the clean Title Screen pics).

10th Aug 2015, 10:01
Part 3 is up, comprising the rest of Episode 1. (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=253)

12th Aug 2015, 04:25
Part 4 is up (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=325), covering the beginning of Episode 2 - The dorms, the showers and Two Whales Diner

13th Aug 2015, 04:51
Looks great.
They really show off the art of the game. :)

14th Aug 2015, 14:23
Lots of updates:

Episode 2:
Part 5 (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=413)

Episode 3
Part 6 (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=475)
Part 7 (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=535)
Part 8 (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=631)

Episode 4:
Part 9 (http://davidcsimon.com/blog/?p=729)

I've also started indexing them on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/lifeisstrange/comments/3gtox9/ep4_spoilers_hundreds_of_lis_4k_screenshots/) (Spoilers for all episodes) to make it easier to find particular scenes/moments.