View Full Version : Champ Man 16

8th Aug 2015, 11:19
Does someone know, when will be Champ Man 16 release? It should be with start of BPL, which starts today, but it's only my theory. Thank you for replies ;).

8th Aug 2015, 22:14
Hopefully its soon but i reckon it could be 2 weeks by the time the submission takes via play store and i think app store aswell im not sure about apple but i know submitting apps or games etc to the play store takes upto a week for submission. hopefully monday when there back to work they will post its RELEASED haha :D, anyway it will be worth the wait.

9th Aug 2015, 08:34
I hope too, that it will be on Monday. Thank you, I will not waste my time looking on Store every 30 minutes, like yesterday :D

13th Aug 2015, 16:54
Hey guys,

We'll have some news on what we've been working on for you quite soon I hope, sit tight!

13th Aug 2015, 18:05
So it will not be this week? :( Do you have concretely date for us?

13th Aug 2015, 22:57
At least there is some news, i have patience :D

18th Aug 2015, 15:46
Not much longer now...! Check back in with us later this week!