View Full Version : Please fix lag issue

8th Aug 2015, 04:54
When I first started playing this great game I never had issues with these mysterious pauses and then all the sudden I appear off a building, running into a wall, or being attacked by opponents where I have no idea what happened. The game just freezes for me while the rest of the players seem to be going about as normal. I have spoken with people in different games and it is not just me - otherwise I would consider this a technical error caused by something else. But, I suspect it may be a patch or something that was recently implemented that appears to effect many people and it would be fantastic to figure out how to eliminate it. There is no other detail to it. The phenomenon is purely a freezing of the screen for me while other players continue to move around. Although, recently someone else said it happened to them at approximately the same time it did for me.
PS - Keep up the great work with this game! I really love this game and recommend it to my friends a lot! The community also has been very helpful.