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7th Aug 2015, 23:44
So... How about them Elite Prophet/Vanguard skins eh? The art team has been working on all this Exalted/Victor/Gold/Etc skins for the classes that already have TONS of them, it feels like finishing the Elite set for the last 2 humans went on the backburner. I've got my Vanguard coming up on lvl 25 possibly tonight and I just don't like the idea of sitting there for 3 more months waiting for a skin that should've probably taken priority (to complete a set) over some of the new ones coming in.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Great job guys, really enjoying the game again (although ranked suffers a LOT of 3v4's)

additionally, I wanted to suggest/request the potential to add a random skin toggle in settings. essentially, with this on, whenever you respawn, you will respawn with a random skin from that class out of all the skins you own. For example I have evolved, marked, and founders armor for the reaver, and it's pretty tough to pick between all 3, it'd be great to just have them thrown into a random picker (along with any other skin we own for that class). This would improve incentive for buying more then 1 skin for a class AND make the battles feel a little more large-scale as different variants of the characters would be respawning, making it look like it's new troops coming in, not the same ones respawning repeatedly.

8th Aug 2015, 01:21
They've said that they will be showing us some concept art for the other two elite skins "soon," but they haven't given us an actual time. I think they're taking their time with the elite skins because they have to look amazing, whereas a lot of the other skins they're doing are just simple recolors.

I was actually going to suggest the idea of having a random skin picked as well, so I support that idea. It would make it so having more than one skin actually has a point, but if they really want to sell more skins, they should create gender counterparts for the classes.

14th Aug 2015, 08:24
I'm not in support of gender swaps for each class, I like it how it is right now, also...balance and design wise, it's just much easier on the devs to have 1 gender per class instead of 2. I just want a random skin option

14th Aug 2015, 12:41
I've contacted them about this before they did mention the elite are on the way... As well as the exalted ones which I'm pretty excited about!