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13th Aug 2014, 21:54
Love the game so far but possibly nerf the Alchemist sometime? Can barely get close when facing a team with 2 or more alchemists. Kill me in a few shots. Maybe increase the explosion time or reduce the damage? I don't play the alchemist because I don't like having easy kills. I like a challenge. Just a suggestion. I'm not gonna go on about it.

13th Aug 2014, 21:57
if your having issues against alchy switch to sent, she cant touch him

13th Aug 2014, 22:14
Sanguise is right. The classes are there for a reason. You and your team should try and think what classes are needed to counter the enemies. If you do this you'll see a lot of the balancing issues dissapear.

13th Aug 2014, 22:18
The alchemist is often considered one of the weaker human classes, and I feel that a few abilities, namely sunlight vial and flamethrower actually need a buff.
If you are going to go toe to toe with one the best thing you can do is keep dodging behind them to avoid taking the full damage of a grenade.

13th Aug 2014, 22:24
if your having issues against alchy switch to sent, she cant touch him
What he said. that and alchemist arent THAT easy to play. my alchemist score k/d is fairly near 50% and alchemist is the only class i play since level 1 (level 20 now). that 50-50 k/d ratio is due to opponent team work, and sentinel/reaver combos. victory has everything to do with timing which requires teamwork. have those, wont matter if your facing 4 alchemists. they wont stand a chance.

13th Aug 2014, 23:32
As an alchemist lover i would prefer small nerf to direct hit damage, but with small increase in aoe dmg