View Full Version : Ranked 3v4 Vote to Abandon Match w/ No Penalty

6th Aug 2015, 03:15
First off I know there are other Ranked 3v4 threads but I want to get straight to the point. It needs a 2/3 decision vote to abandon a match when this happens. With the current game style you end the game when the potential no longer exists but it still takes too much time. This is time we lose during a ranked window as is and I'm still going to stay in the match rather than lose 10 points. My reasoning is this.... I'm most likely going to end up in more 3v4 so I'll eventually hit a deficit (not really but you understand). I think 4/6 games today had either people who disconnected or quit. Voting is fair, and it will get everyone to a more fulfilling match more quickly. :cool: