View Full Version : Questions About the Doe *SPOILERS*

5th Aug 2015, 22:53
So i went back to episode 2 in the junkyard i found out that if you rewind the doe doesnt come back after it runs away, is that because the doe is a spirit animal or that rachael which is the doe somehow has rewind powers too? also if max and chloe found out that rachael is dead and buried in the junkyard then how did the doe appear in Max's vision about the storm which is the future?

5th Aug 2015, 23:35
We are yet to find out. Some questions just cant be answered yet.

6th Aug 2015, 01:54
I think the spirit animals are of the dead.
Doe = Rachels
Butterfly = Williams

But this is just what I think.

6th Aug 2015, 03:16
The doe was transparent but the butterfly wasnt. So are they the same? It sounds like a good theory. I didnt eventhink to correlate William with the butterfly.